The summer school Effective Approximation and Dynamics of Many-Body Quantum Systems will take place in Metz, France. It is planned from June 24 to June 27 2024, at Lorraine University, UFR Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics / Institute Élie Cartan of Lorraine.

The Summer School Effective Approximation and Dynamics of Many-Body Quantum Systems is


Miguel Ballesteros - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México - Mexico

Serena Cenatiempo - Gran Sasso Science Institute - Italy

Marco FalconiPolitecnico di Milano - Italy

Jürg Fröhlich - Eidgenössiche Technische Hochschule - Switzerland

Manoussos Grillakis - University of Maryland - USA

Israel Michael Sigal - University of Toronto - Canada


Participation is free of charge

Support for participants

Limited funds are available to support local expenses of young participants. To be elligible for funding it will be necessary to do a poster presentation of your research work.

If you wish to apply for funding, please send us an e-mail at

with the subject "[application for funds]", a curriculum vitæ, and a budget plan for your participation before 15-MAR-2024. A decision on these applications will be taken no later than 31-MAR-2024.


Organizing Committee

Zied AmmariRennes University

Volker BachBraunschweig Technical University

Sébastien BreteauxLorraine University

Jérémy FaupinLorraine University

Sören PetratConstructor University - Bremen


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